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Why Does Rhymewit Cost Money?

Tom here!

I’ve been making educational music videos on YouTube for over a decade, hoping to inspire a love of learning in as many classrooms as possible.

Thanks to years of experimentation, I’ve honed in on Rhymewit: fast, engaging, interactive content that teachers can use immediately.

But it turns out that creating an Ed Tech app costs money! To get to where we are now, I’ve spent grant money from New Schools Venture Fund and 4.0 Schools. But that money’s going to run out soon if I don’t get some revenue trickling in!

To pay the designers, engineers, and teachers who are helping me to bring this vision to reality, I’ve decided the most sustainable solution is to charge a small fee: $1.99/month if you bill monthly. $1.66/month if you pay for a full year up front.

Some of you are lucky enough to be able to get purchases reimbursed by your department or some sort of community fund. Many of you aren’t, so you’re paying out of pocket for three or four different products just to get variety for your students.

For those of you who can pay, your support will make the future of the site possible. And for those of you who need a cheaper rate, I’d love to work something out. Just email partner@rhymewit.com, and we’ll work out a discounted rate that allows your students to use the site. Either way, there’s a free trial waiting for you so you can decide if this is a project that you want to support!

I’m so inspired by the community of teachers who are coming together around Rhymewit. If you have any requests for the site, just use the Feedback form at the bottom. And if you like the site, please spread the word!


Tom McFadden